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USS Torsk (SS-423)

Sea of Japan

Tonnage Scores

The second war patrol of the USS Torsk (SS-423), captained by Commander Bafford E. Lewellen, was of thirty-nine days duration, twenty-three days of which were spent in the Sea of Japan. Due to the cessation of hostilities, the Torsk had only five days of offensive patrol in the area. The Torsk was equipped with the latest mine detection sonar and used it to enter the Sea of Japan via the Tsushima Strait on August 10, 1945. During the next for days, nine contacts were made with targets worthy of torpedo fire. The Torsk reported sinking two small coastal freighters and two frigates. The Torsk also captured seven prisoners, apparently survivors from a merchant ship sunk by American aircraft. The Torsk exited the Sea of Japan via the Tsushima Strait on September 3, 1945.

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Tonnage scores for USS Torsk (SS-423)