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USS Lapon (SS-260)

Fifth War Patrol Précis

The USS Lapon's fifth war patrol was conducted in the eastern part of the South China Sea south of Dangerous Ground and in the Palawan Passage during the period June 29, 1944 to August 10, 1944, under the captaincy of Lowell Thornton Stone.

Ralph Christie, the Commander Submarines, Seventh Fleet, credited the Lapon for sinking 18,000 tons of Japanese shipping in two cargo ships and one tanker, and for damaging 23,400 tons of Japanese shipping in one tanker and one cargo ship. The total tonnage amount awarded to Lapon was 41,400 tons. The JANAC score for Lapon's fifth war patrol is 6,560 tons of Japanese shipping sunk in one passenger-cargo ship and one tanker. The Lapon's Alden-McDonald score for her fifth war patrol is 7,027 tons of Japanese shipping sunk in one converted surveying ship, two converted submarine chasers, and one oiler, and 5,397 tons of Japanese shipping damaged in one ore carrier. 1

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