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Tactic: Deck Gun

vs. Aircraft

This tactic can be used in PTC 3 subject to the proviso of Admiral Winters' memo attached below.

This tactic was picked up on Hawk's Forum in January 2001 from a gentleman named Mark, whose 12 year old son figured it out.

1- Deck gun on manual

2- Follow the aircraft with the gun in the usual manner.

3- Set the gun to ten or five degrees elevation and wait until the aircraft gets close enough until you can see if the aircraft has one or two engines, then fire. At five degrees they are a little close.

4- No magnification on the sight.

5- If time permits, swing the boat broadside to the plane (less target area for the plane's bombs).

6- Flank speed and maneuver the boat as the aircraft swings out and around for his run.

7- It will take 3 hits to down any aircraft.

It was necessary for me to use this tactic twice in PTC 2 due to a badly damaged boat that was unable to submerge. After I downed the aircraft, I had just enough time to make enough repairs in order to submerge before the DD's came straight at us doing 25 knots.

Joe Sauder - COMSUBRON 5A

Memo from Admiral Withers when this tactic is used in PTC 3:

The ONLY time this tactic should be used is when the boat is unable to submerge and the only choice is shooting it out with the buggers or getting sunk! If the boat is able to submerge then the skippers first duty is to the safety of his boat and crew. He should get the boat under ASAP. I myself always 'Man the AA guns when on the surface, especially early in the war before radar. This way if you get jumped by a surprise attack by an aircraft at least you have a chance before getting under. I think a sub firing at a plane throws off the pilots aim and could give you the necessary time to get to safety.


Copyright © 2002 by Joe Sauder. Used with the author's permission.