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I recently installed Windows 8 Pro 64-bit on one of my desktop computers. It already had Windows 7 Professional 64-bit installed on its lone SSD. I added a second SSD so I could create a dual boot setup with each OS on its own disk. I bought the DVD version of Windows 8 for about $60. You can download a ISO version from the Microsoft store for about half that amount. First I downloaded the latest Windows 8 drivers for my hardware and motherboard chipset. I chose the Clean Install option so Windows 8 would create the dual boot menu. The installation process took about fifteen minutes to complete. Then I installed my drivers. After that, Windows 8 downloaded and installed updates. After the final reboot, I signed in with my Windows ID at the lock screen and found myself at the Metro Start screen. I wanted to install Silent Hunter Wolves of the Pacific, so I used the Winkey + D shortcut to get to the Windows 8 desktop. It looks like the Windows 7 desktop, but Microsoft has done away with the Start button that occupied the lower-left corner of the screen in previous Windows versions. But if you hover your mouse in that corner, a Start tip appears. If you click on it you will return to the Metro Start screen. If you right-click on it you will see a hidden power user menu (Winkey + X will also trigger this menu). This menu is very useful. In Windows 8, keyboard shortcuts are important. From the desktop I put my Silent Hunter 4 Gold Edition disc in the DVD drive and began the installation. The installation process went smoothly. It was essentially the same process I detailed in a previous article on installing Silent Hunter 4 in Windows 7. I copied my Windows 7 saved games SH4 folder to the Windows 8 setup, installed Kim's utilities, and updated their configuration files. Silent Hunter Wolves of the Pacific runs perfectly in Windows 8.

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