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Lagarto’s Diminishing


The JANAC postwar assessment credited the USS Largarto (SS-371) for 7,664 tons in three enemy vessels. The vessels scored to her were two cargo ships and the IJN submarine RO-49. The largest of these in terms of tonnage was the 5,819-ton Hokushin Maru, which JANAC says was sunk on June 30, 1945. The problem is the Lagarto was sunk on May 4, 1945, so the JANAC attribution is impossible. JANAC also credited her for sinking the Japanese submarine RO-49 on February 24, 1945. Yet the RO-49 was still in service and transmitting status reports a month later. Some sources imply that the submarine sunk by the Lagarto was the I-371, however there is no conclusive evidence to support this claim. Taking out the credits for the RO-49 and the Hokushin Maru leaves the Lagarto with a JANAC score of one vessel sunk for an estimated tonnage of 880. She fared a bit better in her Alden-McDonald score.

USS Lagarto

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