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A Pacific Herring

The USS Herring (SS-233) conducted her sixth war patrol in the East China Sea. It was the veteran submarine’s first run in the Pacific Ocean, having made her first five patrols in the Atlantic. Comsubpac gave her high marks for the results she reported when she made it back to Midway. He credited her for sinking two transports, one freighter, and one Chidori-class escort vessel; the total tonnage sunk was 30,027. He also said she damaged a 7,000-ton tanker. It was a very good first patrol in Empire waters. But as Groucho Marx once said, “It’s early yet!” First JANAC and later Alden-McDonald would compare these numbers to postwar records obtained from the Japanese and other relevant sources. And as usual, the numbers would change. According to John D. Alden and JANAC, Herring sank only two vessels. Alden says they were the 3,948-ton ore carrier Hakozaki Maru and the 6,071-ton transport and aircraft ferry Nagoya Maru. JANAC says they were 3,948-ton pasenger-cargo ship Hakozaki Maru and the 6,072-ton cargo-aircraft ferry Nagoya Maru. Take your pick. I prefer Alden's evaluation.

USS Herring

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