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A Cargo of Gold

On February 3, 1942, the submarine USS Trout (SS-202) delivered to the besieged American fortress on Corregidor Island 3,500 rounds of three-inch AA ammunition. Due to the imminent invasion of the Philippines by the Japanese, she also stowed twenty tons of gold, silver, and securities belonging to the Philippine Commonwealth, and to banks, mines, and residents of the islands. Each gold bar was worth $23,000 and each sack contained 1,000 silver pesos. The total value was near 10 million dollars. This valuable cargo was taken to Pearl Harbor and thence shipped to Washington, D.C. for safekeeping.

This video shows the valuable cargo being transferred from the submarine to the Omaha-class light cruiser USS Detroit (CL-8) at Oahu, Hawaii. There is no audio for this video. The video can be accessed at the following URL:

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