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USS Cabrilla (SS-288)

A Cargo of Gold

The Search For Grunion

The Russian Ship Sinking Club

Doctor Who?

The Search For Pompano

USS Lapon (SS-260) Fifth War Patrol Précis

USS Drum (SS-228) First War Patrol Précis

Navy's Final Report on the Search for USS Pompano

USS S-44 (SS-155) First War Patrol

USS Snook (SS-279) First War Patrol

USS Snook (SS-279) Second War Patrol

USS Bonefish (SS-223) First War Patrol

USS Bullhead (SS-332) Second War Patrol

USS Grayback (SS-208) Fifth War Patrol

Science in Action: Submarines

Air-Sea Rescue Operations

USS Grenadier (SS-211) Fourth War Patrol

Silent Hunter Commander's Edition

Silent Hunter Wolves of the Pacific

USS Gudgeon (SS-211) Sixth War Patrol

Bullhead and the Cautious Minelayer

Bonefish Beats the Odds

Pins & Needles Time For Pompano

Snook’s Aggressive Second Patrol

Pompano Wreck Possibly Found

Tambor and the Fifty Party

Drum’s Notable Success

USS Runner (SS-275) First War Patrol

Warder’s Torpedo Woes

USS Herring (SS-233) Sixth War Patrol

Voge’s Victim Off Lombok

Scratch One Flagship

Remembering the USS R-12

Who Sank the Kaibōkan CD-219?

USS Kete (SS-369) First War Patrol

Belated Recognition For Robalo

Jikitanchiki - Japanese Airborne Magnetic Detector

Dolphin’s Intelligence Coup

The Short Life of the First Japanese Q-Ship

French Frigate Shoals

Fact Checking Information About the USS Triton (SS-201)

FRUPAC Proves Its Worth

Tarpon Scores a Commerce Raider

Underway With Windows 8

USS Lagarto (SS-371) First War Patrol

Trigger’s Rewarding Experience

USS Perch (SS-176) First War Patrol

The Hard Luck Carrier

Albacore Swats A Gadfly

The Perplexity of Palau

Mistake of the Wahoo

Hellcats, Hellpots, and Hell’s Bells

Salmon’s Surfaced Shootout

The First IJN Carrier Scored

Amberjack’s Aggressive First Patrol

A Misfortunate Repair Ship

A Close Call For Sargo

Beyond The Submarine Lifeguard League

The Guerrilla Line Submarines of Spyron

Silversides To The Rescue

A Pacific Herring

Subs Down Under West

Fenno’s Freighter Fiasco

Latta’s Lancers and the Radar Pickets

USS Harder’s Maiden Voyage

Circular Torpedo Runs

The First Guerrilla Submarine

The USS Scorpion (SS-278)

Guests of the Emperor

The Atsutasan Maru

Five Miles To Seaward

Another JANAC Blooper

Spitkits And The Picayune

The Oil Slick In Blackett Strait

Lagarto’s Diminishing JANAC Score

USS Trigger (SS-237) First War Patrol

The Kuri Expedition

The Rescue at Bombay Shoal

USS Tullibee (SS-284) First War Patrol

The Sasebo-Nagasaki Deathtrap

The Dorado and the U-214

The Fall of the Mighty Wahoo

The Deadly Radar Contact

USS Trout (SS-202) Second War Patrol

Death By Friendly Fire

The Intractable Oil Leak

USS Swordfish (SS-193) Second War Patrol

Remembering USS Pompano

USS Flier’s Grounding At Midway Atoll

The Grayling Mystery

USS Triton (SS-201) Fifth War Patrol

The Destroyer Killer’s Last Stand

Gone But Not Forgotten

The Toro Maru

Checking Facts On USS Triton